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  • Posted by : Taufiq Sejati Sunday, January 25, 2015

    [Eng] ‘Nation’s Younger Brother’ Lee Seung Gi Becomes a Trustworthy Actor

    Whatever one takes on as a challenge for the first time causes excitement and tension. The people who are watching from the sidelines also become concerned. However, who is Lee Seung Gi? If it’s acting, it’s acting, if it’s singing, it’s singing, if it’s a variety show, it’s a variety show. As a universal entertainer, there’s nothing that he can’t do.
    Lee Seung Gi did wonders in the role as the half-human, half-beast, Choi Kang Chi, in the recently finished MBC drama, “The Gu Family Book” to the point that it would be hard to believe that this was his first time acting in a sageuk (Korean historical drama).
    No longer looking on the outside like Choi Kang Chi, he appeared for his interview with a well groomed hairstyle and outfit. Although his outward appearance was no longer that of Kang Chi, his gaze remained rather similar as always.

    “My first sageuk? Starting without knowing anything was preferable as I was able to work through the project without difficulties. Because the script writer naturally had powerful writing, I was able to act without overexerting myself. In case I appear in another saguek, I want to act as a character with high status. (laughter) Kang Chi was always kneeling so my knees aren’t in good shape. Although I don’t have to be a king, I think it would be good if I played a character who at least sat or didn’t run. (laughter)” The beguiling charm of Kang Chi permeated the air as it exuded from Lee Seung Gi.
    His knees weren’t the only part that hurt. Having to wear thick clothes, he had to fight the heat and the insects which consumed a lot of his stamina. More than anything, without special effects, having to shoot scenes where he changed from human to beast form was the most troublesome.
    “Since CG (computer graphics) weren’t used when I changed into the beast form, I did the acting. That’s why it was so embarrassing for me while shooting the scenes. It was also difficult for me. During the scene where I was tied up in chains, I was working with the crew and without any strength left, there was a time when I fainted. Because I hadn’t slept much, it was very difficult.”
    Even though there were complications, Lee Seung Gi was able to maintain his focus and remained engaged with determination until the very end of filming. With that much focus, the divine creature, Choi Kang Chi, left the Intangible Martial Arts Academy to be reunited with the reincarnation of Dam Yeo Wool (Suzy) 422 years later. Lee Seung Gi said,”I liked the conclusion of the drama. It’s the type of ending that will leave viewers with their hearts pounding.” He expressed satisfaction as he made this statement.

    As Lee Seung Gi said, “The Gu Family Book” is a drama that gives viewers excitement and leaves hearts fluttering. Packed with martial arts action and an underlying ardent melo theme, inside that is Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s perfect chemistry. Lee Seung Gi was directly asked what kind of junior actress Suzy was.
    Throughout the interview, he was in the habit of calling her Yeo Wool from the drama. “I advised Yeo Wool a lot. Instead of pointing out parts that were lacking, I complimented her whenever she did well” he said as he didn’t try to hide his affection towards Suzy who is also a fellow singer as well as an actress.

    “I didn’t take my eyes off of Yeo Wool during shooting. I saw each and every expression. Yeo Wool had to give off a good look in her eyes so that Kang Chi’s feelings would also come alive. Yeo Wool’s acting improved so rapidly to the point that I was surprised. In the latter half, my advice no longer became necessary so I was happy and felt comfortable. Suzy’s flexibility was her friend. We fit each other well in the scenes where we had to act together.”

    source: xportsnews via nate

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