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  • Posted by : Taufiq Sejati Thursday, June 07, 2012

    Olivia Jensen

    Lubis was born in Denmark, 11 April 1993; have an age 16 years, she is theIndonesianartist. The second child of three brothers started this wide screen film debut, entitled "Bukan Cinta biasa" which beganrunning in theaters beginning in May 2009. This film is produced by WannaB Pictures and disutradarai by Benny Setiawan.
    Olivia is a child's pair Benny Jensen (Denmark) and Viverina Lubis (Indonesia-Batak). Olivia have a twin sister named Sabrina and women, an older brother named Daniel Jensen. Olivia is currently living in the city of Bandung and the flower school in Bandung International School. Olivia initiated his career when accidentally found on the Mall in Bandung sebual by talent search WannaB Pictures from the current search for the main movie screen width "No Ordinary Love." After that his career as aphoto model increases in the various youth and Tabloid Magazine and the leading stars in the various television. Not related to the film Ordinary Love, Olivia is also a video clip starsSoundtrack of the film wereAfgan Syah Reza.this is wallpaper of Olivia Jensen Lubis

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