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  • Posted by : Taufiq Sejati Sunday, November 06, 2011

    This is tutorial how to vote FTIsland at Golden Disk Award 2011.
    It’s so easy, check it out »
    1. Open this link  Vote Golden Disk Award 2011
    2. You’ve to register first with click 회원가입 (Register) on the top right.
    And then will appear a pop-up like this to fill your registration form :
    3. After that, wait a second, open your inbox mail, you’ll received an email like this :
    Click the link to confirm your account, you’ll brought to a new link, will appear a pop-up, click OK. 
    If u didn’t received any email, please check your junk email.
    4. After confirm it now you can login in the site with click 로그인 (Login) beside the register button on the top right.
    Will appear a pop-up again to login like this :
    If you’re success, will appeared your name on the top right :
    5. Now time to Vote FTIsland!! Click 테마투표 to go the vote place »
    You’ll brought to this link :
    Just click 투표 (vote) button beside FTIsland. (*pls don’t click the wrong button^^*)
    After click vote button, will appear pop-up like this :
    Click OK! That’s mean, you’ve voted FTIsland successfully.
    Note : You just can vote once in a day. But you can make multiple email/account to vote FTIsland. More account more vote. Make FTIsland’s vote higher everyday.
    Go Prims, Let’s vote FTIsland!!! ^^
    *Please spread this tutorial to another prims*

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